Among the ladies of Destiny’s Child, it is always, always Beyonce who commands all eyes. Is it only because her parents used to run the band? Is it because she manages to snatch the best wigs? Or is it just because she stands in the middle most of the time? What is it? Because if you ask me, Beyonce, while lovely and luscious some of the time, also crosses the low classy line a lot of the time too. Check out these new ads for her House of Dereon? Why would anyone spend their money on a Tina Knowles creation??? And why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars on B’s cheap ass fashion when they could spend 30 bucks at a trashy little store like Bebe and look exactly the same??? Then there’s Kelly Rowland. Not as ostentatious in the weave department, not dating the grand Jay of hip hop, not as in your face with the curves as her soul sister, but attractive and elegant in a way that Beyonce might never be. Here’s Kelly at some movie premiere last night looking perhaps a tad too Oprah but definitely far from budget. You might not like the ensemble and you might not like her hair, but what Kelly has over B is that she doesn’t cheapen everything she puts on. And at the end of the day, wouldn’t you say that’s an intangible edge?