Strong representation for the Church on Sunday as a new round of presenters has been announced including Jodie Foster, Queen Latifah, and the massage-loving pilot himself John Travolta. The GMD surrounded by support on the carpet, cementing his triumphant return from the brink of career suicide. Damn. More Oscar intrigue? Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson both confirmed as performers. Beyonce is nominated for nothing. Jennifer is nominated for Best Supporting Actress and at press time, even though little Abigail Breslin is making a surge, is considered the overwhelming favourite. How much you wanna bet that Matthew Knowles is busting has ass right now to secure B a front row seat while Jennifer has to slum it in the second? As for what B will wear on the carpet – her first visit a few years ago was actually quite impressive. Black gown, not tacky, very elegant. What are the chances she’ll go understated again? And what do you think? Will her weave be curly or straight?