Considering her mother dresses her half the time, achieving an all time low at this years Globes really is quite remarkable…especially since Tina Knowles actually had nothing to do with this nightmare. And still she’s wearin’ it like it’s something to be proud of – it’s the curse of the child performer, you see? Britney, Lindsay, Beyonce …they’re f*ckin’ immune to this sh-t. They spend their whole lives being told they piss liquid gold they never know when it’s actually the opposite. And so it was the same on this night, as she stood in front of the mirror, wearing Diana Ross’s moth-eaten leftovers, WEARING STOCKINGS WITH OPEN TOE SHOES, no one was straight with Beyonce. No one told Beyonce she looked like ass explosion. Because no one is ever straight with Beyonce. Because if someone, anyone, was ever straight with Beyonce, they’d be knees down on the hardwood picking up her loose weave for the next 6 months. As such, Beyonce Knowles – Hall of Fame, Worst EVER. Source