Beyonce is the honourary chair tonight of the Costume Institute Gala. As previously mentioned, the theme this year is “Punk”. How will Beysus be punk? How will Beysus cockblock everyone else on the carpet? Will Beysus pose with her best friend Gwyneth Paltrow?

Please, someone, get.that.shot. And one of Beysus with her store bought press-on nails standing next to Anna Wintour.

She talks about them in her new interview with Good Morning America to promote the upcoming animated feature EPIC, in which she plays, obviously, Queen Tara. B insists she’s still the same person she used to be because she uses press-on nails, only the paint job is pro now. It’s actually a pretty cute moment in an interview that is otherwise super boring. She just repeats her two favourite words over and over again: Beautiful and Emotional.

See? It’s a four minute clip and the only interesting part is about her nails.

Anyway, back to the MET Gala -- so B is tight with G who’s tight with Cammie D. But Jay-Z is tight with JT who’s married to Mrs T but used to deal with Cammie D. If Cammie D goes, does B sit with G and Cammie D? Or do she and Jay sit with JT?

Pffft. Who would choose the company of JT and his Mrs over GP and Cammie?

Some say it’s not guaranteed that B will be there tonight. She just wrapped up 6 shows at the O2 last night and is schedule to resume her tour for 3 straight nights in Manchester tomorrow and, being a perfectionist, it doesn’t leave too much time for sound checking and preparations, etc. Please. Nothing a private jet can’t handle, right?