Thank you for your emails about Marcus. He gave us a scare and what topped it off for us was that he was not interested in food. It was a sign of the apocalypse. This is what happens when you eat sh-t. Relief though - he’s turned a corner after getting a shot in the ass. And we knew it was all good when he barked in the FedEx man’s face yesterday because the lovely fellow understandably did not want to touch his stanky toy goose for an impromptu game of chase. I’ve already told Marcus to f-ck off twice this morning. The world is right again. Yay!

Marcus has a caring mother. But Munchie doesn’t.

Munchie is Beyonce’s dog. Munchie has been abandoned!

Apparently Beyonce was at Columbia Records for a meeting last summer. As she was leaving she mentioned she would be leaving Munchie there for a while but would be back to pick him up.

She still hasn’t picked him up.

So Munchie has been hanging out at the office the whole time. Staff members take turns with him, he pees everywhere, and he gets passed around on weekends from one household to another. Poor guy!

Beyonce is supposedly so busy promoting her album and her movie that she had no time for her dog. The excuse is that she’ll be right back again once her schedule calms down. Oh and after she goes on another boating holiday to the French Riviera. Oh and maybe a trip to the Golden Globes in LA too. Oh and it would be nice to hit up some shoppes in Paris. The recession has resulted in major sales. Everyone loves a deal.

Beyonce is a dog hater. She hates her own dog. I hate Beyonce. Asshole.


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