It’s the Blue Ivy Carter and her mother Beyonce in New York today. Look at Blue’s hair! All of that hair! And it’s her own hair. For now. Blue’s ma, as you know, hasn’t been seen with her own hair in many, many years. (Ever?)

Right now, as you can see, Beyonce’s working a new braided weave. A lot of it too. And it looks long. Me I’m not a fan of this particular hairstyle. I feel like it could be used as a weapon. That sh-t hurts when it’s being whipped around and it slaps you in the eye. This has happened to me on the subway.

In other Beyonce news...

Kanye West’s girlfriend’s ex-husband has just signed a 2 year $24 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z is one of the owners. You’ll recall, Kanye dissed his girlfriend’s ex-husband in his song Cold:

"Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team."

In business and basketball, there is no loyalty. And besides, how loyal are Beyonce and Jay-Z, really, to Kanye West’s girlfriend?