A week ago yesterday, Sunday, September 18th, Beyoncé was nominated for some Emmy awards and they were clearly expecting her to show up because they put her in the second row. Unfortunately for them, Beyoncé wasn’t about to sit in the second row on her night off. She had another night off last night, a Sunday night. After her show in New Orleans on Saturday, Beyoncé ended up going to Dallas to watch the Cowboys play the Bears in owner Jerry Jones’s box. Jay Z was with her.


Beyoncé & Jay Z #DALvsCHI

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And so was the Blue Ivy Carter:


Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue at the #DALvsCHI game

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And Miss Tina:


#CowboysvsBears game

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But mostly the Blue Ivy Carter, in matching monogrammed Gucci bombers with her ma.


#DALvsCHI game tonight. #Gucci

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And I just posted about Gucci’s influence this year. If you have the Blue Ivy Carter in your jackets (she’s been seen several times this year in Gucci), why do you need Jared Leto?

In other Beyoncé news, the Beygency found a new enemy this weekend: Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon who told The Guardian that:

“You have to believe in something. Like, I’d prefer Beyoncé didn’t do a Pepsi tour. Do not take two million dollars from Pepsi and be a role model for young girls. Do not do that. That stuff does anger me. And I feel like I am not afraid to talk about that stuff.”

You probably don’t need me to spend words on why a woman, and a black woman at that, getting paid her worth isn’t the worst problem in the world…unless you’re Bon Iver. But instead I’ll just do what a lot of others have done and point out that Bon Iver was sponsored a few years ago by Bushmills, the whiskey, and while they claimed to have regretted it later on, please know that Bon Iver’s anti-corporate integrity and influence on their plaid wearing bespectacled fans is that much more profound than what Beyoncé has represented to an entire generation of young girls, which must be why Justin Vernon is now some kind of expert about what a “role model for young girls” should be.