Good: Her dress

Bad: Her hair

Worst: Her clapping! It wasn’t golf clapping either. It was little girl learning how to clap clapping. WTF?


Duana pointed it out – she seemed appropriately present at the Globes. Like she knew her place. She didn’t rush that carpet like she owned it. She respectfully understood that in this environment, her spot in line is firmly in the middle. And, unlike many who find themselves in the same position, she didn’t forcefully charge herself up the front.

But still…

The clapping.

Let’s work on the clapping.

Cute moment?

B and Sigourney Weaver were interviewed at the same time by Nancy O’Dell and Sigourney had just downloaded Single Girls and is now in love with the song.

Can you imagine?

Sigourney Weaver dancing to Single Girls? Amazing.

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