Cadillac Records opens in the US on Friday.

Cadillac Records is not opening anywhere in Canada.


Because there is no distributor. Which means no one wanted to put up the money. Because no one thought it would make any money? Because… it sucks? Not necessarily. It’s actually getting decent reviews. But perhaps finding an audience for it in a crowded holiday market place was evidently too much of a challenge for Canadian investors to overcome? They’ll be watching closely this weekend to see how Cadillac Records performs.

Beyonce and Sasha Fierce are both working overtime to make sure it’s a success.

Here she/they are/is on the carpet last night at the premiere escorted by husband Jay-Z. LOVE B & J together. Like music royalty. A couple that makes sense. Only his style sense is better than hers. Which is why she’s wearing a dress fashioned from garbage bags around her breasts.

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