Nets game last night in Brooklyn. The Carters came with a message:

We’re good.

This just hours after TMZ posted the video of Solange Knowles losing her sh-t on Jay Z in an elevator after the MET Gala after-party. Love reading all your interpretations of what went down in there. Some of you think B’s inaction is implied support of her sister. Some of you see it the way Duana and I do – that B and J have endured this before, that they’re not unfamiliar with this kind of behaviour from her sister. Some of you think that the fact that Beyonce left with Solange in a different car from Jay is telling.

Well, the girl tried to stomp his dick with a high heel. Would you want to ride home with that?

Whatever the reason for Solange’s fit, it seemed to be exclusively between her and Jay. She doesn’t really talk to Beyonce. She doesn’t plead with her. She’s not motioning to her – how can you stand this, how could you let him do this to you, you are better than what he’s doing to you…

If it really was something Jay did to Beyonce, would Solange, as Beyonce’s sister, knowing what Beyonce’s all about, decide to lose it after an event like this like it’s the first time it ever happened, rage about it like she just found out?

RAGE is the word.

Lost in our curiosity about the entire situation is the dismay over the rage. This kind of violence is disturbing, no matter the gender, no matter the reason. It’s indefensible. It’s certainly concerning. And I’m not sure whatever preceded it “justifies” the behaviour.

According to US Weekly, what preceded it was an argument with Rachel Roy. Apparently Solange was “yelling” at the designer and a whole group of people and Beyonce had to get in the middle of it before they left.

And now?

Now Solange has deleted almost every photo of her sister off her Instagram – source – just like, um, Selena Gomez deleted all her photos off Instagram when she got mad at Justin Bieber and the Kardashians and Taylor Swift.

I can understand why your go-to explanation for what went down might be sinister, given all the rumours you’ve read about Beyonce and Jay Z online, from reliable and unreliable sources. I can understand why you might suspect infidelity and/or abuse. Beyonce is too perfect, too controlling (she won’t let you see ugly shots of her at the Super Bowl), too remote…


No such thing?

And so we look, we look for cracks, we look for a fall.

So I understand, I do.

But there are alternatives to consider as well.

Like Girl Sh-t, the unofficial tagline of this blog. Girl Sh-t in combination with sibling rivalry? Too obvious? Imagine growing up BEYONCE’s sister. BEYONCE. The one who’s NOT Beyonce. The sister of Beyonce. That’s an identity. What would that life be like? How would you cope? How do you tell yourself you’re not less-than? Is it exhausting? Is it fair? Is it fine? Could it ever be fine? There’s a reason Dlisted’s nickname for Solange is the hilarious “Basement Baby”. That’s Gossip Girl. That’s 90210. That’s Ashlee Simpson, Jamie Lynn Spears, the other Cyruses. That’s EVERYTHING.