Beyonce and Jay Z are still on holiday in the Mediterranean with the Blue Ivy Carter and their friends. The other day they were kissing in coordinated outfits in Sardinia. Click here to see. To me it looked they were being photographed in that moment – not just by the paps but by Beyonce’s official life photographer. Because you know there’s someone on staff who’s paid to do that, right? If she can’t be holding the camera, someone has to be holding the camera. For the archive. One day they’ll build a library in her name, the way they do with American presidents after they’ve served their terms.

God, is that how long we have to wait for her to start talking? Or explaining herself?

By the way, there’s a new video coming tomorrow. Bey’s losing it all.

They love their boat life though, don’t they, the Carters? Every other month, when they go on holiday (it feels that often, right?), there’s a yacht involved. How much luggage accompanies Beyonce on holiday, by the way? Request to the paps – please shoot this, even if she’s not in frame.