GOOP would not approve. Or… is it Chris Martin who wouldn’t approve? These days, the reluctance seems more pronounced coming from him. More on Gwyneth later. Right now it’s about her bffs Beyonce and Jay-Z continuing to enjoy Paris, strolling around yesterday rather affectionately, arms around each other, and big smiles. Cute, right?

Though the two are certainly nowhere near as strict as G about being photographed together, they don’t often do the handholdy, sweet and couply thing. They must have been in a good mood yesterday. Wonder why. If I were B, I’d be in a good mood just wearing that jacket. I would also never think to buy that jacket in that colour. And then I see it on her, and I’m like, I should totally buy that jacket in that colour, but all the knock off imitations will probably come out just slightly off, either too pink or too salmon, too dull or too bright.

Anyway, did you hear about where they’re staying in Paris and how much it costs? It’s the most expensive suite in the city, for US$20,000 a night. At the Hotel Le Meurice. (Source) So you know they roll large. And with all the bitching from the English about Royal Wedding price tags, what would they say if B and J were paid multimillions to perform at the reception? Someone wrote to me following yesterday’s article – click here for a refresher – that B would definitely do it if the price was right.

OK first of all, let’s all remember that story about them singing for Will and Kate came from the Daily Star which is probably worse than In Touch Magazine on reliability, and second, the implication was that the invitation to perform was, like, as a free favour, as opposed to a job. What? Rude.

Like I said yesterday, if indeed this report is true, and it very well may not be, if I were them I’d turn it down. They should be guests, not the goddamn hired pony show charity act. After spending 20 thousand on a hotel room, are you kidding me??? What do these people actually think of these entertainers? It’s rather insightful, non?

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