It’s all good…

Beyonce at the Vegas opening of Jay Z’s 40/40 last night with big hair and lovely makeup looking so pretty. But only from the shoulders up.

From the shoulders down…too many shades of Tina Knowles.

Starting with the back fat. Now of course Beyonce is not a heavy woman. But even not heavy women can have back fat when the dress is too small. Clearly the dress is too small.

And clearly it’s the wrong length, cutting her legs off at a terrible terrible length. A terribly inelegant length. And she does have a terribly elegant way of posing, doesn’t she?

But nothing…nothing beats the shoes.

The shoes are The Ass. The shoes are the low classiest of all time. SO LOW CLASSY!

Jay meanwhile is his usual – all smooth and cool. You’d think he’d give her a few pointers, non?

Photos from Wenn