Beyonce and Jay-Z were apart for a couple of weeks – he was touring, she was overseas – so they celebrated being together again yesterday in New York with champagne at lunch for a total meal cost of $1,200 on which they left a $500 tip.

This is like loose change for them.

These photos are actually rather insightful. Laura and I saw Beyonce at Cecconi’s during Oscar week in February at the Grey Goose party. Her table was two away from Jennifer Aniston and across from Gwen Stefani’s. She however was the only one with a bodyguard who stood in a corner, tucked away against a pillar watching her eat. Same dude.

Check him out talking into his watch, signaling the car that it’s time to come ‘round front. They move around with headsets, all Secret Service and sh-t but totally conspicuous.

Later on at that party, Mariah Carey approached for a short diva summit. She too had a minder, not to be confused with her shadow Nick Cannon, the lackey who hovered behind her and was not allowed to participate in the conversation. The interplay between B and Mimi was fascinating, of course, but equally so was the way B’s security had to keep an eye on B while she was talking to Mimi’s group even though Mimi had her people making sure she was ok while talking to B. Inside a private restaurant with, yes, security of its own. The best part: to them it’s not ridiculous.

Photos from MARIO MAGNANI/