Page Six is reporting exclusively that Beyonce and Jay-Z will tour together this summer: 20 cities in the US starting in June and they may do the Fourth of July in New York. Because it’s New York and “4” is their favourite number.

There has been no comment from the Carters.

But, come on, this a moneymaker, non? Major moneymaker. If they don’t come to Toronto, I might have to cut off several inches of hair to sell to get myself a ticket to NYC for it.

It’s about as public/private as we’ll get from them. And it’s more and more public/private over the last year and a half, right? There was a time Beyonce wouldn’t even talk to Oprah about Jay. And now, now it’s personal photos, videos, and 2 hours of stage loving. It’s like…they see themselves as the Michelle and Barack Obama of entertainment. We’re discussing this right now in the office at The Social. Who’s the audience? Some people on our team are saying they don’t understand mixing the two fanbases?


This is the show you go to to hook up. I mean, that’s a side benefit to the entertainment but OMG, it’s a GREAT benefit.