Beyonce and Jay-Z showed up courtside at a basketball game the other day and continued to play coy about their wedding. Jay was ring-less and B kept her hand hidden…not that there’s any question about what happened on 4/4/8.

Still… am all over the fact that they won’t talk about it. Would be even better if it stayed that way. No photos, no sales, no exclusive image deals. Like Madonna, who sells everything, and yet to date there have been no photos of her wedding, not one, at that Scottish castle.

My Gwyneth was the same way. And Gwynnie and B are apparently now besties. Then again, if Tina Knowles designed that dress… it would have been ugly and, as usual, it would have to be seen.

But here’s the question – could any dress be uglier than Katie Holmes’s? Seriously… Mr Armani’s worst creation.