Will she?

B’s been criticised this week for stealing all the lights at the Super Bowl and not being Madonna enough or being too into herself or showing off too much skin or cockblocking the girls of Destiny’s Child and, of course, not wanting to look ugly so...

I mean...

She could decide to turn down her Beyonce for the Grammys on Sunday. She could.

But then again, remember when she “tried” not to be the centre of attention at the President’s Inauguration and ended up being the top story?

Here’s how I hope Beyonce takes over the Grammys. If there’s ever a moment when Chris Brown has to be on stage, let them cut to Beysus sitting beside Miranda Lambert, taking selfies. It would never happen, but we can hope.

Having said that, maybe her silence on it is exactly the right shade to be throwing over there. Unlike the Justin Biebers and the Taylor Swifts, unlike so many in the recording industry with impressionable fanbases who’ve openly supported Chris Brown, Beyonce and Jay-Z behave as though he doesn’t exist. Chris Brown is essentially ignored by the Zeus and Hera of his universe. Please. Continue.

Attached - B and Jay out for lunch yesterday in Venice with the Blue Ivy Carter being handled by a handler.