You know what would be unacceptable? Unacceptable is Yeah, But-ing after a Beyonce show. She wouldn’t allow it. I’ll drop it again, one of my favourite celebrity factoids: THEY’RE THE SAME AGE, Beyonce and Britney. The.Same.Age.

So anyway, imagine you’re at the club one night and Beyonce and Jay-Z show up? That’s what happened on Friday at Reign in Atlanta. B was in town for Jay’s show. Then they went to party. And they paid for the party too, reportedly spending $100,000 on drinks for the VIP section, holding court while others like Jermaine Dupri came to offer their respects. What happened when Drunk In Love came on? This:

We be all night…

Is that on your NYE playlist? I’m pretty sure it’s on mine. My friends Amy and Dan are putting it together for NYE at our house, pyjama styles, trying and failing to recreate B’s night beach jiggle. B recently explained how that video came together. She called it the most “organic” shoot she’s ever done and that it ended up being “perfect” even though she said she wanted to just “be in the moment…embracing mistakes and effortless” into the scene. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because, well, because the words don’t go together but also because – where are the mistakes!?! Not even the face she makes at 4:35 “on sight” is a mistake.