Beyonce performs in Dublin tonight. Yesterday she and Jay Z took the Blue Ivy Carter to the playground. F-ck me, she looks good in those black jeans under the bomber, doesn’t she? Jay’s been travelling with her for a couple of weeks now. (Just like Rihanna’s been travelling with Drake, ahem. We’ll get to that in a minute.) Later on, B and J went out for dinner to a restaurant called Coppinger Row. The BIC did not appear to be with them. I’m not a parent but that makes sense to me. If you have a nanny, why would you want your 2 year old to come to dinner with you? That’s not a c-nty thing to say, is it? I feel like most of my friends who are mothers would agree. Have a glass of wine, or three, without having to worry about your kid getting tired and screaming the whole night. If I’m a fellow patron at that place, I am thanking you.

Anyway, have you seen this video of Beyonce rehearsing at the Grammys with a Jay Z stand-in and Blue’s voice comes on in the background? Everybody else is awwwwwwing about how cute it is when she says “Hi Mommy”. But you’re missing the whole point.