Beyonce and Jay-Z worshipped the Blue Ivy Carter on their yacht in the South of France yesterday. You know how all babies smell good? I bet you she smells like baby good but way more...expensive. I bet you the Blue Ivy Carter is the caviar of baby smelling. I should stop before they arrest me for conspiracy to kidnap. Is there such thing as a platinum breast pump?

Also attaching some shots of B and J out for dinner. Here's the thing about Beyonce - so many celebrities look good at a price; they can't indulge; they can't LIVE. And the petty c-nts that we are, this is somehow consolation for us. But  this bitch? She LIVES. And you know she is ENJOYING EVERY BITE OF FOIS GRAS, no guilt, no worry, NOTHING.

Is it as interesting to you as it is to me what they ordered? What that wine is? How much of it they had? If they were given the privilege of going off menu? This, again, is why the Tumblr is so great -- it's a clue, some insight, into how they luxe, and the other side of that is the subconscious, or maybe conscious, comparison you make about how you would do it if you were in the same position. An endless discussion.