If you had tickets to On The Run, these videos that Beyonce has been releasing will be familiar to you. Problem is, when you’re in the arena, it’s hard to pay attention to every detail. They were on stage. The lights were all over the place. There are people in front of you. It’s not like when you’re watching it on your own personal device, picking apart every detail.

And Bey, she knows. She knows you want to pick apart every detail. But not until after she gets paid.

Now that HBO has aired On The Run, Beyonce’s putting out her home videos, a selection of “candid” moments from the Beyonce archives. And what have we learned?

Well, we already know they spend a lot of their time on yachts. Kinda like Liz and Dick.

And the Blue Ivy Carter is adored.

Oh! And don’t miss it, there’s Gwyneth Paltrow at the Carter wedding – start at 2:30, look to the far left of the screen. The high class nose is unmistakable.

Naturally, Beysus looks flawless in every scene. With blue nail polish, of course, when Jay put that massive ring on her finger.

I’m particularly focused on her eye makeup during the slow motion close-ups of her from the concert footage. It’s a perfect smoky. It’s perfect all around.

But…you know what?

At this writing, about 3:15pm ET…Beyonce.com is blank. There’s nothing on there.

If The Beygency never goes down…why is it down?

Even Beyonce has server issues?