Today in Paris at the Paris Saint-Germain F.C. vs Barcelona F.C. football match. Sitting together. Hanging together. Laughing together. Unfortunately no Posh. The last I saw Posh was back in London at her flagship which isn't even a week old. Maybe David's inviting Beyonce and JayZ to come check it out. As if. Beyonce would expect the pieces to be sent to her directly. And if she ever was photographed walking into Victoria Beckham on Dover Street, she'd expect something in return. More than just a couple of handbags. What's a Beyonce Instagram shot wearing Posh's clothes worth?

As for being in Paris, the Carters do love it there, as they say. Because that's where they got engaged and that's also where the Blue Ivy Carter was conceived. Also it's Fashion Week. come no photos with the Wests? Yet.