Double entendre!

Sorry. Had to.

While some people were in track suits, Beyonce and JayZ went full gala for the fight on Saturday night. Like when royals show up at some race or whatever. No, seriously. Her cape had a train.


Leaving Las Vegasđź’‹

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And she was a lot more interesting to watch than anything going on inside the ring. Always.

So… tonight? MET Gala?

E! News is reporting that she’ll be there. And that she’s “so excited” about it. If she goes, we’ll all be talking about what happened in The Elevator last year. Then we can move on once and for all, like gossip has a short memory. Um. No. But I’m also not complaining if she’s there. Because if she does show up at the MET Gala tonight, will she be Chinese? And how?