Beyonce and JayZ were seen in Paris today viewing a private property, according to the paps, leading to speculation that they may be looking to buy there. As mentioned the other day, they are particularly fond of Paris because that’s where Jay proposed and also where the Blue Ivy Carter was conceived. Then I started thinking about the Carter real estate.

I know they own several places in New York. But do they own in LA? Why would she stay at Gwyneth’s over the summer if she did? There was some talk of a mansion in Miami. And definitely Houston because that where a lot of her family is. Anyway, that led to a google search to find out the answer which then led me to this fascinating article over at Complex – a short summary of their real estate history. And that’s not even counting the boats. They’re always on a boat somewhere.

But who looks after all of it when they’re not around? This is what I find fascinating. That these celebrities have so many real estate properties and can’t possibly find the time to live in all of them. What happens during the 11 months that it sits empty? And if you’re managing one of those places, do you just, um, take a nap on their bed now and again because you know they’re not coming back for 3 months?