They were in Portofino. Taking time off to celebrate her birthday which was last week. Not sure how that's unlike every other day. Aren't we always celebrating Beyonce?

Beyonce wanted to reward us for celebrating her. So she posted a photo of herself, obviously, on Instagram, contorting her body, because nothing says "thank you fans" like giving the world an opportunity to marvel at her body.

Please let's imagine the size of the ego that goes along with showing appreciation by asking people to admire how flexible you are.

Anyway, B and Jay are scheduled to play On The Run in Paris on Friday and Saturday. The shows will be filmed for HBO to air the following week. That also marks the end of the tour. And, some are insisting, their marriage...?

Remember, according to Page Six and US Weekly, she's been planning her out for a while; she's just been waiting to fulfill their work commitments.

But that's not the message they're trying to sell here. Holding hands. Gold paint on her hip. Smiles. Trouble-free. You believe?

I believe the Blue Ivy Carter. So tall! And has apparently made the captain her bitch.

Also attached- brand new shots of B and Jay continuing their vacation in Cannes.