Beyonce and JayZ took the Blue Ivy Carter to the Louvre yesterday. They’ve been playing happy Parisian family for a few weeks now since the end of the On The Run tour. Please note Blue’s leather jacket. It’s SKIRTED. It’s gorgeous. Is it better than any leather jacket you’ve ever had? I thought so. Me too.

In other Carter news, Page Six reported exclusively yesterday that B and J are recording a secret album together and will drop it by surprise at the end of this year or early next year.

Secret like what happened last December when she gave us 17 new songs AND VIDEOS totally unannounced, like that secret? If she could keep that secret, why wouldn’t she be able to keep this one?

And now that she’s done it once, how hard is it to predict that she’d do it again? Anyone could come up with that story.

But Page Six has been hitting the Carters hard the last few months, repeatedly insisting that their marriage was over, that a split was imminent. Maybe their source was suspect. Or maybe they were right all along and the Carters just redirected. If that’s the case, it’ll take at least a semester at the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies to fully analyse that part about her – that business is always first, that when life is business, you find a different way to exist.