The B.I.C. went to the doctor with her mother and her grandmother yesterday. You can see some of her hair popping up. Are people grossed out when babies are born with a lot of hair? I was. So is that nasty or something? Also, as I’ve heard from many of you, people are really pissy about Beyonce wearing blue all the time. You all need to give me a list of what we can and cannot criticise about mothers, ok? It’s not ok to sh-t on Michelle Williams for opening her Golden Globe acceptance speech (and campaigning) by talking about her daughter. It’s totally ok to sh-t on Beyonce for going hard blue to celebrate her child’s name. Your judgy rules confuse me. A manual would be helpful.

As for that persistent and ridiculous (to me) theory that she faked her baby and the proof is in how fit she is now and how it would have been impossible to lose the weight so fast etc, etc, etc...

No doubt, B looks good. No doubt, her body resumed its pre-form rather quickly. You know who else’s body resumed its pre-form quickly? Keri Russell.

Keri had a baby 10 days before Beyonce. Check her out in New York last week. Are we allowed to say that different bodies respond differently? Or do all women who’ve had babies react exactly the same way? Put that in your manual too.