Sorry I had to make a tie. I just can’t decide between these two.

Let’s start with Beyonce because I don’t want to get disappeared. Also, on our team we allllll agreed on this. She nailed it. She got it. She GOT IT. Riccardo Tisci wouldn’t dare do to her what he did to Kanye West’s fiancée last year. Every note is perfect. The makeup. The headpiece. The cleavage. The “proposal” (she dropped her ring).

I think what’s great about it is that it’s soft. It’s sensual, it’s light, still structured, and artistic… but, again, soft. There’s movement. It’s air. It’s skin. But not too much skin. The right balance of everything.

And now SJP.

She was co-chair of the event. As co-chair, I feel like you have to give respect to the theme, literally. So it’s a ball gown. But if it has to be a ball gown, don’t be afraid to take it all the way. You do the white gloves. You do the fulllll skirt. You make a scene at the back. You bring the best ball gown of the night. But you also have fun with your hair and your attitude and the giant stamp of Oscar de la Renta on the skirt. And you keep it fresh. This ball gown made me feel like I’ve never seen ball gowns before. Look how the top half opens up like a flower around the waist. Look at the ladder climbing up the spine. And let her be comfortably modern in a spaghetti tank while making her way up the stairs. I appreciate the thought and consideration she puts into this event but that she doesn’t get too precious about the result.