I hate the word Fetus. It freaks me out. I picture a Fetus and it’s covered in biology slime, with really really thin skin that barely covers really really little bones. Like Gollum meets Voldemort under the bench at King’s Cross, only red and gooey. Ew!

There’s a Twitter account called @beyjayfetus that’s obviously, and hilariously, from the womb. The problem for me though is that I can’t handle staring at that word. You know what would really set me off? Combining my most hated word “Fabulous” with the word “Fetus”. That may actually be my worst nightmare: a band called Fabulous Fetus that makes really good music, only I won’t be able to hear it because I hate those two words.

Anyway, my point is I can’t call Beyonce’s baby Fetus. I don’t want to refer to Beysus’s baby in my mind as something that’s lying around in mucus. Bey’s baby should be lying on swan feathers and gold bars.

What does Bey call her own baby?

Little Rider!

Which I LOVE.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Beyonce says that the Throne Heir will travel with her:

"I will probably [take the baby everywhere with me]. I am sure I will. I think that it shouldn't stop you. I think of course my life is going to change, and I definitely will make sacrifices, but you know, I think I will be able to bring hopefully my little rider with me."

There it is: Little Rider.

Bad ass Little Rider.

Last week, Little Rider was all over Fashion Week with Ma Bey. This week Little Rider’s been busy promoting Ma Bey’s new fragrance Pulse in New York. Last night it was Macy’s. Photos are attached.

Photos from PNP/WENN.com