Kanye West’s girlfriend gave birth to Kanye West’s baby the other day. Beyonce posted a message on her Tumblr to congratulate them. Which we’re supposed to take as evidence that they don’t hate each other although I take it more to mean that it was out of respect for Kanye. You can click here to see the photo she chose. We don’t post photos about Kanye West’s girlfriend here at LaineyGossip.com. This is the dilemma Duana and I were discussing over email today.

Because while we don’t care about Kanye West’s girlfriend, we do care about names. We judge celebrity baby names. It’s a regular feature on this blog. Here’s Duana’s note to me this morning:

“....and of course I am waiting on the baby name. You know. That one.”

And my response:

“(Even though) we don’t cover that person on the blog, the name might be too good (meaning bad) to ignore. What to do?”

As you can see, we don’t even refer to her by name in personal correspondence.

What we decided, per Duana:

“We covered Kanye, and his NYT article, right? And him being him? And what Beyonce might think? I think it’s fair game, then. Unless it’s Emma.”

Well, we know it won’t be Emma. If they don’t go with an obvious “K” name, Duana is leaning Greek, like Persephone. Or if they go with the alliteration, Du thinks maybe Windermere West. (She is one of my dearest friends but sometimes I don’t know where she comes up with this crazy sh-t which is what makes her the expert and not me. By the way, we had a fight about names this weekend -- AGAIN -- over the correct pronunciation of Bellatrix Lestrange. Her first name, not the last. The way Duana insists it’s pronounced is so ridiculous, writing it out for you wouldn’t do it justice. Duana, here! 1:25!)

Anyway, someone tweeted at me the other day predicting it would be Kleopatra and to me this is not a bad guess -- self-aggrandising, extra, over the top. Still others are predicting that it’ll be a direction like “South West”. Duana doesn’t believe it’ll be that minimalist.

So here’s your warning. Once it comes out, that name, there will be a discussion. And it will be fun. Discussing the name of the child, I mean, and not mentioning the name of the mother.