There was a rumour circulating a while ago that the Crown Princess of AssTalk Katherine Heigl had landed the April cover of Vogue.

Needless to say, Anna Wintour said no. At least not this month.

April belongs not to AssTalk and also not to Concrete Tits. Posh only has 8 months left. Will 2009 pass, yet another year, will Anna continue to shun her? Will celebrities forever grace Vogue? Models no longer sell?

Anyway, back to Beyonce…

Gorgeous. Because she was not styled by her mother. Can you imagine Anna Wintour’s face at the mere suggestion of having a cover girl dressed in House of deSh-ts? Please. I’d love to see it.

The article isn’t a bad read, doesn’t exactly get below the surface but there is an insightful comment from Beyonce when she discusses acting and singing:

"I wish there really was a Sasha Fierce, because I'd send her on the road and I would go and do the movies."

She wants an Oscar. Badly. Hugh Jackman thinks she’ll win one day.




Beyonce win an Oscar? Really? I guess she has a better chance than Lindsay Lohan. Beyonce knows about work ethic. Remember when Lilo said she wanted to win one before her 30th birthday? Ha.Ha.Ha.

Click here to read Beyonce’s Vogue article.

Also attached - AssTalk leaving a hair salon yesterday where she spent 5 hours only to emerge looking… exactly the same?

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