Beyonce played her final show last night in Lisbon. She cried from all the emotion. “Ugly cry” is what she called it. Oh please.

While the wind machine was blowing (her hair looked really good last night)?

After she called for the spotlight to come up because “I want them to see me”?

There’s no “ugly” in that.

There’s only Beyonce appreciating the fans for lifting her and supporting her but, really, always, appreciating herself. She closed her eyes for several long moments to appreciate herself via her admirers. That’s the Beyonce I love. The Beyonce who loves herself the most.

While we’re talking about Beyonce though, let’s get to what many of you have been asking:

In the aftermath of the “conscious uncoupling”, where do Beyonce and Jay Z go? Professionally Jay won’t be cutting off Chris Martin. And I can totally see Chris hooking up next with That Girl who has to accompany him to the studio whenever she gets the chance. That’s an easy double date …which is when might see Beyonce’s Girl Code put to the test.

Your thoughts? Send! We can have a larger discussion about this next week.