I only know this because 5 minutes after these photos published, the PR for J Brand blasted everyone with the email about how Beyonce wore their “Mama J by J Brand 3401 Maternity Leggings” in New York today. Are we done questioning whether or not she’s actually pregnant? Do you know how much she loves that we’ve been discussing whether or not she’s actually pregnant? She probably talked about it with Gwyneth the other day when she visited the set of Thank You For Sharing. Caused a minor riot with her security and her drama pushing crew members and sh-t out of the way.

In other B news, because it’s all about B right now, the video for Love On Top has just been released. You know why I love this video? It’s the same reason Sasha loves this video and I haven’t even talked to her today yet but I just know. I also know she’s probably already trying all the dance moves. Which is what I’ll be doing later on in front of my TV Wade Robson styles, back in the day when they’d show you 5 or 6 tricks in succession before cutting away.

Here’s my theory about Beyonce’s videos: they shoot her in HD with a ring light and whatever Oprah lens camera trickery available and everyone else on sh-tty equipment from the 1990s.