Remember these photos? Taken a few weeks ago, Beyonce on the set of a new concert video in a Thierry Mugler gown – not the most flattering. We all know, B has a crazy body. But even the craziest bodies can be disrespected by poor choices.

Still…she’s looked worse. Whenever her mother dresses her she looks worse. And she never bothers to make excuses on those occasions so why now? Why this?

Of course.

It’s because of the weight thing.

In Beyonce World unflattering in this case = fat. Which is why her rep has issued a statement blaming her hippy-ness on the designer, not on the singer:

"This is not a weight-gain issue. Beyonce is in the best shape of her life. The exaggerated hips are a design element of a truly couture dress. Beyonce has always loved this dress."

Not satisfied with assuring us that Beyonce hasn’t put on the pounds, Thierry Mugler then stepped in and explained that it was originally created for Jerry Hall with a 23 inch waist…and that for Beyonce, it had to be taken in by 4 because hers is…

19 inches!


Click here for a side by side comparison.

Say it together now:

Bitch… PLEASE!

That she felt she needed to defend herself against some imaginary “fatness” was ridiculous to begin with. But LYING about a 19 inch waist is a level of dumbassness on par with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s size 2.

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