Beyonce’s visual album Beyonce has now topped one million copies. When she first dropped her flawlessness on iTunes, Target and then Amazon declared that they wouldn’t stock the card copy because she chose to partner with Apple. So what did B do?

Oh she dropped in on a Walmart in Boston the other day and gifted 750 shoppers in the store with $50 gift certificates each, spending $37,000 on her “fans”. Then she posted the pictures on her social media accounts. Walmart is Target’s direct competitor. Walmart isn’t exactly friendly with Amazon either.

Who comes out looking better? The big bad corporations who are in it for themselves? Or the big bad egomaniacal superstar who’s always in it for herself but who gave the impression that she wanted to go directly to the people?

Come on now. Even the most hardcore Beyonce hater has to admit this was a baller move. She was already ahead with the content – 14 new songs with 17 new videos for $15.99 is a better deal than any other artist this year, especially Justin Timberlake. She already did it by removing the middleman and coming directly at her fans. And now, by flaunting her generosity where middle America lives…?

Who runs the world?

Here’s B at the launch party on Saturday in Tom Ford. You know how much Tom Ford costs from head to toe? She probably spent as much on this outfit for herself as she did at Walmart for her public.