Have you seen the video for Beyonce’s Why Don’t You Love Me? Meh. The conversation last week focused on whether or not B was biting Gaga. The focus of my conversation is why the song sucks. Because if the song was better, the video would be a lot more enjoyable. The video features B showing off her sick body and being mad and coquettish at the same time and wearing a LOT of makeup. I mean, when you can see that it’s a lot of makeup, it’s a LOT of makeup.

She’s so much better without a lot of makeup. Like at the Cavs Celtics game last Friday with Jay-Z. An almost fresh-faced Beysus is GORGEOUS. And I love her hair like that. And I wish she sang Forever Young with him on SNL instead of Mr Hudson because Mr Hudson was awful. Want Jay-Z’s leather vest and jacket.



Photos from Jim Rogash/Gettyimages.com