Beyonce is SO beautiful. SOOOO beautiful. The problem with Beyonce is that her style sense comes out of her ass. And her mother’s head. Which is why when she’s on a carpet, she more often than not looks budget tacky stupid.

But check out B at the airport in London yesterday on her way to Cork for Jay-Z’s performance. B stripped down and totally casual is the best B ever.

To her credit though, lately B has been much much better. Since her wedding in fact. Kinda like in the old Chinese days. When you get married, you get shipped away to your new family’s house and your mother can’t tell you what to do anymore. Unfortunately this did not happen to me.

Perhaps now that B is Mrs Z however Tina Knowles no longer has a say. Perhaps that’s an explanation for why Solange looked extra sh*t the other night at BET. Because Tina’s dumping all her fashion ideas on someone new.

B is looking extra thin though…but this puts those shotgun wedding rumours to rest once and for all, non?

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