That almost sounds biblical. It was Beyonce’s birthday on Friday. As you saw, it was pretty much an international holiday – click here for a refresher. What happens on December 13? Does Tay Day start trending on Twitter too?

Anyway, here’s how Beyonce acknowledged the worldwide outpouring of adoration in honour of her 34th:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all my birthday wishes. πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸ’™πŸ

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And then she celebrated by headlining at Made In America in Philadelphia on Saturday. I’ve attached photos but she also posted a sh-tload of shots on, including a few of Blue. This one is my favourite:


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The Blue Ivy Carter is Just.Like.Us! She loves Dora!

As for Beyonce’s set…

Everyone’s talking about her Diva moment. She played audio of Ronda Rousey’s now infamous “DNB” remarks right before the song.

Rousey’s DNB stands for “Do Nothing Bitch” and her comments were in response to people who were criticising her body for… f-ck, I don’t know what they were criticising. Because I’ve seen her body in person, stood next to it in awe (at the ESPYs earlier this summer), and it’s a masterpiece. That’s Rousey’s reason for calling out the DNB – but what’s Beyonce’s?

As we’ve seen, as we’ve noted, as many of us have analysed, Beyonce’s been quiet. Beyonce has deliberately NOT been saying much. She doesn’t give direct interviews anymore, not when she’s selling vegan diets and not even when Anna Wintour asks on the cover of VOGUE. Her set at Made In America  is one of the few times we’ve actually heard from her this year. That she chose to channel her thoughts through Rousey’s words is a message for us to analyse and interpret. A message she’s given to us to analyse and interpret. Is Beyonce crusading for body positivity here, or is it all that and more? Soraya Nadia McDonald wrote about this for the Washington Post yesterday – click here to read her article. McDonald argues that it’s not just about body positivity but also money positivity – a woman who works like a boss, earns like a boss, and won’t apologise for wanting more. I agree with her. But it’s not like Beyonce would confirm it anyway. Her sermons don’t come with Cliff Notes. Once again, the game she plays now is to give us a little and make us talk a lot.

Here’s Jay Z worshipping Beyonce during her performance:


Also attached – Beyonce leaving her office in New York yesterday.