After performances out west last week, Beyonce returned home to husband Jay-Z in New York this weekend and the two had lunch together at Pastis on Sunday before heading off to promote his clothing line.

B looks so great in street clothes I couldn’t resist. Street clothes and massive, massive heels.

Whatever. It’s not like she has to walk far. Maybe a block, at most, to get to their waiting SUV?

The same goes for strollers. Many of you write to ask – why don’t these people ever use strollers?

Answer: because they’re literally walking 25 feet. Valet service is everywhere, drivers are everywhere, why waste time unfolding a stroller and adjusting the buggy wheels and whatever else if the front door is literally right there?

Anyway, in other Beyonce news – supposedly Destiny’s Child will be recording one last album to fulfill contract obligations. Also, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams need money. B finally agreed to help her girls out.

What, exactly, does Destiny’s Child mean? And in relation to a band? I have always wondered.

Photos from Doug Meszler/ and VILA/ANDERSON/