Beyonce stepped out today in New York. And here we go with the people who’ve been saying all week that her bump business is fake. And now I have to do something that makes me sick. I have to point out that one of the signs, to me anyway, that it’s not fake is that... she’s actually bigger everywhere.

Hate myself for doing this. Hate it so much. To have to draw attention to the fact that a non-pregnant B’s arms are smaller. And now her tits are a LOT bigger. She might even have some extra skin coming out of that dress. A non-pregnant B’s thighs are a little tighter. And her face isn’t so full.  

These are horrible, horrible, horrible observations to say out loud. It’s a sh-tty ass thing to do. Because obviously her arms and her thighs are NOT large BY ANY STRETCH. But you can’t f-cking win in these situations. Nicole Kidman made it so that people actually think Beyonce’s birthing a goose feather pillow.

Look at her. She’s pregnant.

As for the weird fold of her dress and fabric in that video, my friend Lo, who’s had two children, pointed out very astutely to me the other day that B may be like other “excited breeders” who wear clothes that are too big. That dress she wore on Australian tv was too big. This dress might even be too big too.

Again I say, there IS a Little Rider.

Can I stop defending her now? Let’s balance it out then by sh-tting on her for the dance plagiarism.  Click here for the latest about B’s video and how she’s being accused of lifting a sequence of moves from a ballet company. Happens way too often to be a coincidence.