We’re so used to the signature elements of a Beyonce production – the tight choreography, a dance army, the SPECTACLE, the grandeur – that the stripped down intimacy of her Drunk In Love performance with Jay Z totally worked for me. And to be honest, I’m never going to hate on that dance move. You know the one – she pulls it out at 1:58 below. I have been working on this in my basement and, well, only Beyonce, you know? Only Beyonce.

Then she changed into a white dress to sit in the front row, with a cognac in hand, ready to be entertained but not expecting that anyone else could entertain like she can. And when her husband accepted his award and told the world that he’d give his Grammy to Blue to use as a sippy cup, you didn’t doubt it either, did you? What else would the BIC use as a sippy cup?!? Now poor Kanye has to go win himself an Oscar so that his daughter can use it as a paper towel dispenser.

While we’re here though, and talking about awards, Jay won for Holy Grail, his collaboration with Justin Timberlake, who, as previously reported, didn’t show. Nominated 7 times, though not in any major categories, the rumour is that JT didn’t want to come because he’s pissy about being overlooked. And not getting nearly enough sh-t for it either. If that had been Kanye? Please. They’d be all over him for being a pouty little bitch. When it’s Justin Timberlake however, it hardly gets a mention. That’s fair.