She’s killing that song for me. Is she killing it for you? Suddenly At Last has become Beyonce’s signature song. Suddenly At Last is getting removed from my iPod.

First though, let’s start with the carpet dress. The carpet dress was the ass. The carpet dress blinded half the bleacher section. Not sure if it comes out properly in photos but seriously, she arrived and all of us were searching around for sunglasses.

Extra. That’s the word for it. It’s so extra. She’s so extra. Too extra. She wasn’t so extra at the Globes. Why was she so extra last night?

A few years ago, Victoria Beckham wore a Ming vase inspired Cavalli gown – blue and white – to some event and it was incredible…for the time. 5 seasons later and it’s the super lame sh-ts.

Beyonce, however, thought it was the awesome sh-ts. We watched her working it from the balcony, shielding our eyes. Never seen a woman stick her ass out at that angle for so long without tipping over. Like she has 3 centres of gravity that help her defy the laws of motion. It’s mesmerising.

And fair enough, she can totally own a stage. But what was up with the pink lipstick? And why is her eyeliner half way to her nose?

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