We’re under two weeks away now from the Super Bowl and the Beyonce Half Time Show. Officially it’s Coldplay headlining the performance but the moment they confirmed that Beyonce was involved, Coldplay became the backup band. Click here for my previous suggestions of what the set list should be.

If Beyonce knows anything, it’s how to surprise you. Beyonce is an expert at the art of the withhold. Unlike most of her peer famewhores, she doesn’t give in to the impulse to make herself available so as to satisfy her attention-seeking urges and lose momentum in the long run. She’s making sure when she shows up on stage at the Super Bowl, you’re starving for her.

So… will she be mic dropping a pregnancy announcement the way she did at the VMAs with The Blue Ivy Carter a few years ago? According to Radar she’s 5 months along. They supposedly got it from a source on a video shoot Saturday night. Apparently everyone on set was talking about it.

It’s very possible that Beyonce is pregnant and that’s why she’s been so quiet. But Radar…isn’t exactly reliable. And some of these source details sound sketchy to me. Like normally whenever B does anything, there are NDAs across the board. And this, according to the “source”:

"(Beyonce) was complaining about really tired and nauseous. It was pretty apparent what was going on." 

Beyonce? Complaining? At work? About being tired and nauseous? Do you know that Beyonce? In front of an audience? Never. Beyonce’s the one who will throw down the most complicated choreography, while pregnant, and make you talk about how she pulled that off because she’s that singular, an artist without equal.

There is no world in which Beyonce walks around a video set bitching about fatigue.

I’m not saying B’s not pregnant. Beyonce could totally, totally be pregnant. I do think she might be because I’ve been predicting that she’ll give us something in 2016. But is Radar the one to break it?

Whatever. I want her to be pregnant. I want her to be pregnant and reveal it at the Super Bowl and make the entire game and show about HER. I want to be entertained by all the reaction afterwards. By those of you will relive and rewind the moment and by those of you will be furious at, once again, a Beyonce takeover.