There were two sides to Beyonce’s shoe game yesterday, as Tidal continued to make headlines across conventional and social media.

In the afternoon she left an office building in stripes. Look at that blue travesty on her feet. Here’s an example of how only Rihanna can pull sh-t off. Sometimes, literally, sh-t. Because I don’t think Rihanna would have worn these with a maxi dress for a matchy-matchy effect. The matching makes the shoes look that much worse. Like, there’s a way to sell them… and she can’t find it.

At the Chanel show though… with fresh clothes sent over from the label, no doubt, OMG these booties. I will be dedicating a lot of time to finding these booties and introducing them to my feet. I love the white/silver metal class with the signature quilted heel.

After that, and a few shots with Karl, it was off to dinner with JayZ, the Carters all smiles after two days of Tidal, establishing themselves as the real life Empire. And then, this, just posted on Instagram. Because Beyonce always makes time to floss.

For all her attention to detail though, can’t she at least get the alignment right on her videos???




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