It’s Beyonce’s birthday today. She spent her birthday weekend at Made In America with Jay-Z. The Blue Ivy Carter was not seen. But it is B’s first birthday as the mother of the B.I.C. She looked like she was having a great time. I love the shot of them holding hands. B seems like she could be skipping.

Have you seen the birthday card yet? She posted it on her site - click here to see or attached below. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are there, of course. And Apple and Moses signed their names too. Is this... kind of like retweeting a compliment on Twitter? Do we need to read Mama Carter telling B that she’s so proud of her not being changed by her success? And how does it work now between famous people? If you’re famous and you give a gift or send a note or write a card, do you have to specify that you don’t want it to be published? Or is it the recipient’s responsibility to ask permission? And if the recipient is famous, in this case like Beyonce, does B call up G all like, omg I love your card can I post it on my blog or... does she do whatever the f-ck she wants with it?

I suppose it’s not just celebrities. I suppose civilians are dealing with it too as people continue to share more and more of themselves on Facebook and Twitter. I always ask if it’s something going up on this blog and photos of my friends and family but I don’t have a Facebook so I don’t know the protocol there and it’s the same question I’m putting to Beysus: do you ask before you upload?