Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange Knowles aren’t talking. At least not directly. So we’re getting a lot of speculation from “sources”. According to the NY Daily News, Solange was already raging at Rachel Roy and some other people. And then Jay was annoyed at her because some of her friends were trying to get into the party downstairs and checking his name. Solange supposedly got pouty when he told her to tell her people to stop using him to try and get in. A few minutes later, as they were getting up to go, Jay apparently instructed their security that he wouldn’t need them to come with him to Rihanna’s party because Beyonce wasn’t coming with him. That’s when Solange was up in his face again, challenging him about why he had to stay out and questioning why he couldn’t just head home with them. To which he reportedly replied, “You’re one to talk”, or something to that effect. And that’s when she became unhinged.

The NY Daily News adds that she seemed really f-cked up and  Page Six also reports that Solange was “crazy drunk and out of it” that night.

And still there are those who believe that it’s because Jay cheats on Beyonce all the time and Solange had had enough and wanted to impale his testicles with her stiletto which…fine. I mean we’ve all heard the stories. And in this business, fidelity is a rarity, sure. I’m just not sure fidelity is a brand priority for the Beyonce business. I’m not sure the Carter partnership is held together by monogamy, you know? And would it really have been the first time, the first time Solange found out – at the MET Gala?

Whatever the reason, all parties seem like they want to put the packaging back on. TMZ says that Jay and Solange were out together yesterday at a jewellery store. They weren’t really chatty to each other and didn’t buy anything either. I wasn’t sure how to read that until I checked Beyonce’s Instagram.

Solange pulled down almost every shot of Beyonce from her Instagram yesterday but here’s Beyonce throwing up three pictures of her with her sister, looking happy and loving…

For public relations? Of course. Totally.

And also…

A little like placating a petulant child, non?

With a diamond or a necklace and with a digital hug on social media. Now, now Trouble. You’re going to be OK. Let’s make it all better with a present and a kiss. Put away your fists and stop kicking people.