Everyone was talking yesterday about how Beyonce changed the lyrics to Resentment during her On The Run tour performances and whether or not she’s pissed at Jay Z for allegedly cheating on her – click here for a refresher. Then they were in the Hamptons together seeming to be fine. Then she posted new pictures on her website of her with Jay and the BIC checking out an art installation. Blue is in a matching dress. So cute.

What’s going on here? Because you know B. She knows that she’s being watched. She read it ALL online, trust. And if she knows what you’re thinking, if she's doing it on purpose? Why?

If she’s calling out her own husband for stepping out on her…why so public? And if that’s the case, why is she then sending out opposing messages of them all united and solid?

Because of the tour, the tour is chaining her to him…?

Some say the tour isn’t selling as well as expected. Well you could take another angle there. Maybe it’s the deliberate manufacture of intrigue to create interest and drive sales.

If that’s the case, it’s a dangerous karmic game to be playing. I wonder too if it’s not part of some elaborate narrative she’s creating for her next “documentary” in which she directs herself interviewing herself answering her own questions, offering some kind of profound truth that would otherwise remain an enigma if not for her benevolent enlightenment. That’s the thing about Beyonce. She always needs to be ahead of you.