Beyonce posted a supercut of her workout on Instagram yesterday. I’ve embedded it below.

You know what I love about this, beyond the obvious? The obvious being that this is what celebrity social media is for: the glimpse behind the gloss, or as much of a glimpse as they’ll strategically allow you to see…

What I love is that Hayley has made me do each and every one of these moves. Just like many of you have probably done each and every one of these moves at your gym. Like when it comes to exercise, there’s no Beyonce secret push-up that’s only available to Beyonce. She has to hold one of those bean bag balls for abs and jump over that f-cking bench (I hate bench jumps) just like we do.

But the best part of this too is that…well…

As close as she is to Gwyneth Paltrow, I don’t smell any Tracy Anderson here. Beyonce has said before that Anderson has trained her. But we’re not seeing Beyonce in any Tracy Anderson dance classes. That has everything to do with branding.

Beyonce by Tracy Anderson is not the brand.

Beyonce is by Beyonce, only.



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