Beyonce’s tour arrived inToronto last night and she also attended a party for the launch of her clothing line with her mother and sister. As you can see, all three appeared to model items from the House of De sh-t.

You ever been to a Chinese mall? You ever hit up the clothing shoppes? Low quality dresses and tops at great prices but with a thread unravelling here and a button loose there, hems haphazardly sewn and material that practically disintegrates as soon as you walk out of the store… and now Beyonce’s mother is selling it at designer cost: Made in China but priced like Prada…


Next to a Tina Knowles creation, even a pair of Louboutins looks the wrong shade of gold. Check it out, on B’s feet. It takes a peculiar talent to cheapen everything you wear. And it’s a shame too. Because Beyonce is so gorgeous. With such a slammin’ body. And all of it wasted on budget taste. Girl really needs to stop letting her mother dress her.