Beyonce and JayZ (with Ty Ty tagging along) were courtside at Barclay’s last night to watch the Nets. As you can see, she re-bobbed. We’ll come back to these shots in a minute but first…

It was reported yesterday that there may be a new secret album drop in the next couple of weeks. Now this update appeared on her website this morning. It’s the Beyonce Platinum Edition Box set to be released on November 24 – four new remixes and two new songs, the full album from last year, the Mrs Carter Show tour video, all the Beyonce album videos, a calendar, and a sh-t load of other pictures. All this and people are still wondering if there will be a Volume 2 of Beyonce as well given the rumoured leak from the weekend.

Like I said, Taylor Swift can’t make all the money, can she?

Finally got around to watching her Halloween video – have you seen it yet? She called it Halloween Throwback. Blue’s there. And Alice Cooper. And some other familiar faces. And…at the 30 second mark – is that Gwyneth?

OK so back to these basketball game photos – does she seem to be going out of her way to cover herself? If so…why?